Mission Statement

The non-profit council exists to provide opportunities for the non-profit sector to network with each other as well as with area and regional for-profit organizations serving the mutual benefit of our constituencies. The council further exists to promote its services, increase exposure and to engage in inclusive and mutually beneficial collaborative activities in the areas of training and technical assistance and to serve in an advocacy role as it impacts non-profit organizations’ work and individuals in need within Newtown.

Value Proposition

  • Opportunities to network with other community non-profit organizations; share physical and intellectual resources as possible
  • Participate in educational and developmental opportunities such as workshops and seminars on relevant topics related to non-profit organizations
  • Advocate for non-profit issues. Offer participating organizations a chance to showcase and review in more depth how services positively impact the community
  • Opportunity to share other issues within your organization
  • Shared calendaring, joint programming
  • Fees: None. Meeting host provides food!

Upcoming Meeting Info

Interested in attending the next meeting of the Newtown Non-Profit Council? Reserve a spot for your nonprofit organization, and join the conversation!

Who: Registered Newtown nonprofits

When: Monday, December 20, 2021 at 10:00AM

Where: Zoom — For more info call or email Doug dlord@chboothlibrary.org or 203-426-1561.

Are you new? Please email Doug and let him know what organization you represent.  dlord@chboothlibrary.org

Minutes of Past Meetings

Organizations Serving Newtown (under constant development)